Sabtu, 22 Desember 2012

Our Precious Moment with 2 PM and Miss A - Buzz Korea Awards 2012

Hi guys!!

Its been....ehm....forever since I updated this blog...hahaha..

Okay, just a quick update!
FUN Tour Team had sucessfully won the voting online!!! *thanks to our awesome voters*
So, we were invited to come to Korea again, to attend the Buzz Korea Awards 2012!!!
We also had the opportunity to meet all the members of 2 PM and Miss A!!!
And we were given Korea Pass 5 million won or 4000 USD...
*I felt so lucky*

Thanks again voters!!!

Duh, kayaknya udah berabad abad lamanya yah kagak gue apdet blog gue yang inih...maap...
Quick update aja deh yah!!

FUN Tour Team akhirnya berhasil menang dalam voting Online!!! *makasih banyak buat para voter kita yang keren abis!!*
Akhirnya kita pun diundang kembali untuk datang ke Korea dan menghadiri Buzz Korea Awards 2012!!!
Kita pun berkesempatan untuk ketemu semua member 2 PM dan Miss A!!
Dan yang gak kalah keren kita juga dikasih hadiah berupa Korea Pass senilai 5 juta won atau 4000 USD...

Gue ucapkan makasih banyak yah untuk semua yang udah vote FUN Tour!!!

So here we Buzz Korea Awards 2012!!!

The Event was held at Beyond Museum, Gangnam at 2 PM!!
But we arrived at 12.00 PM, because Tiph and Dondre had to do the rehearsal for their performance.
I was so amazed to see all the awesome place that had been prepared for our event!!
Red Carpet! *can you imagine?* Huge wall painted with poster of 2 PM and Miss A! Cameras and medias!

And the most excited things was, I could meet all of the KTO family again, and of course,... our great leader Ricky Kim, as the host of the event!

Dinding gede dengan Poto 2 PM dan Miss A!!

Lagi deg degan nunggu 2 PM nongol!!!

Jadi akhirnya...kita menghadiri Buzz Korea Awards 2012!!

Acaranya diadakan di Beyond Museum, Gangnam jam 2 siang!!
Tapi kita tiba sekitar pukul 12.00 an lah, karena Tiph dan Dondre harus latihan dulu buat performance mereka. Gue merasa sangat takjub ketika melihat tempat yang udah mereka siapin untuk event kita ituh!!!
Keren banget lah pokok nya mah!!
Ada red carpet nya segala!! Ada dinding gede banget yang di pajang poster 2 PM dan Miss A!! Camera dan Media dimana mana!!

Tapi yang paling seru adalah, akhirnya gue bisa ketemu lagi sama para staff KTO dan tentu saja...Leader tercinta kita...Ricky Kim, yang jadi host untuk event tersebut!!

The Awards finally started!!!

Mr. Lee Charm, The President of KTO opened the Awards with his sense of humour speech!!

And honestly, I was so nervous!! Because my life-changing experience was about to happen!! Meeting Junho...hahaha...
If anyone watched my introduction video as the FUN Tour member, you could see that I talked about Junho a lot...hahaha...Junho is definetely my bias, but  I couldn't able to see him on the last tour!!
So I cant wait to see him in person!!!

Mr. Charm Lee, President of KTO

Akhirnya Award pun dimulai!!!

Mr. Lee Charm President KTO membuka acara Award tersebut dengan pidato sambutannya yang penuh sense of humour.

Sementara itu, gue diem diem berasa tegang banget! Karena my life changing experience gue bakalan segera tiba...yaitu ketemu ama Junho...hihihi...
Kalo ada yang pernah nonton video introduction gue dulu ketika memperkenalkan diri sebagai FUN Tour Member, lo bisa tahu se gimana nge fans nya gue ama Junho, dia ituh bener bener bias gue. Tapi sayang banget gue gak sempet ketemu Junho pada tour pertama, karena dia tergabung dalam Gourmet Tour!!
Jadi pada saat ituh gue udah bener bener gak sabar untuk ketemu dia beneran!!!

It really happened!!! Just like a dream!! Just like a miracle!!

Ricky called 2 PM and Miss A to the stage, to present the Korea Pass to The Best Team!!
Ops, that's us!!! We are the Best Team!!
And then, Ricky called us, Fun Team member...

And here we are on the same stage, We were REALLY CLOSE !!!
I could literally touched them!! Can I touched Junho please? Just poked him a litltle bit?...hahaha...
Cant really express how I felt at that time!! Numb ..hahaha...

And what made me very happy was, Junho was the one who gave the symbolic Korea Pass to me!!!
He smiled at me *with his candy eyes* and he shook my hand!!! *nonstop nosebleeding*

Best Moment Ever!!!
Watch the video here...

Akhirnya kejadian juga!!! Kayak mimpi!! layaknya keajaiban!!!

Ricky manggil 2 PM dan Miss A ke atas panggung untuk penyerahan Korea Pass kepada the Best Team!!
Ops, maksudnya kita yah? Kita kan the Best Team!!
Akhirnya Ricky pun manggil kita, Fun Team Member....

Dan akhirnya kita berada satu panggung bareng mereka, Sumpah DEKET BANGET!!!!
Gemes banget gue, pengen rasanya gue colek mereka...hihihi...boleh colek Junho dikit gak sih???
Gue bener bener gak bisa gambarin perasaan gue pada saat itu!! Mati rasa sih kayaknya...hihihi...

Dan yang bikin gue seneng banget adalah, Junho lah yang terpilih untuk memberikan Korea Pass secara simbolis ke gue...bhuahahaha..
Dia senyum ama gue *dengan candy eyes nya ituh*, dan kita sempet salaman juga *mimisan tanpa henti*

Pokoknya mah Best Moment banget lah!!!

After that, the entertainment part began!!!
We had a different host, he is a comedian. Dondre and Tiph presented an awesome compilation dance. And the truth is, they only practiced together 1 day before the events! But they were so great!!!
Watch the video here...

Setelah itu, acara hiburan pun dimulai!!!
Ada host seorang comedian yang memandu acara inih. Dondre dan Tiph mempersembahkan kompilasi dance yang keren banget lho!! Padahal mereka cuman sempet latihan sehari sebelum acara lho!! keren banget deh...boleh lihat video nya di sini yah!!!

And then...An Awesome performance from Little Psy!! Oppa Gangnam Style!!

He was so cute!!!! So brave on stage, but so shy when the host interviewed him:)
Watch the video here...

Ada juga  performance dari Little Psy, Oppa Gangnam Stylle!!

Anak inih unyu banget deh! Ketika perform gayanya keren banget, tapi ketika diwawancara malahan malu malu...gemeeeees :)
Nonton Video nya disini yah....

And there were also the awards for the Gangnam Tour Members!!!
They are the most active members chosen by Buzz Korea!!!
Congratz guys!!!

Ada juga pemberian Awards untuk Gangnam Tour Members!!
Yang merupakan the most active members yang dipilih oleh Buzz korea!!
Selamat yaaaaah !!!

And Finally!!!
2 PM and Miss A Performance!!!
And actually, they dont allowed us to take any pictures when 2 PM performed...
but..pssssttt...we had the video, just dont tell anyone okay...hihihihi...

Here's to watch 2 PM video...
Here's to watch Miss A video

And you know what?
I swear to God!!! I saw Junho glanced at me during their performance...hahaha...*just like a chemistry*

And Woo also looked at us *Fun tem member* several times and smiled...he remembered us since we were in the same team before!!! He is so nice!!

Chansung looked very handsome with his blue suit!!!
And Taecyon  kept flipping his new hair...hahaha...he's so tall

And even JunK waved his hand to us!!! I am not bluffing, seriously!! JunK obviously remembered us, and I think he liked us...hihihi...

Performance dari 2 PM dan Miss A!!!
Sebenernya sih, kita gak dijin kan untuk ngambil poto selama 2 PM lagi perform lho...
Security nya lumayan ketat...
Tapiiii...psssttt...kita punya video nya lho, tapi jangan bilang bilang yah...hihihi...
*cari ajah link nya di english version nya okeh*

Trus...trus...lo tau gak???
Gue mah sumpah demi lho!!!! Gue lihat Junho beberapa kali nge lirik gue waktu mereka lagi perform...bhuahaha....*kita memang ada chemistry*

Dan gue juga yakin banget, waktu mereka perform, Woo beberapa kali melihat ke arah kita dan senyum...dia pasti inget kita karena kita ada di team yang sama sebelumnya. Baik banget sih Woo iniiiih....

Dan Chansung  juga kelihatan ganteng pake baju biru nya ituh....
Sedangkan Taecyon tak henti henti nya menyibakkan rambut barunya ituh...hihihi...keren kok tapiiiii...dia ituh tingiiii banget...and kinda hot...hihihi...

Bahkan JunK melambaikan tangan ke arah kita lho!!! Serius, gak nge bluff!! JunK pasti ingat ama kita, dan kayaknya suka deh ama kita...hihihi...

Actually, this was the most important moment of the event!
The truth was, 2 PM and Miss A was only there to gave us the Symbolic Korea Pass and to performed!
That's it!!
Unlike the previous tour, we didn't have the time to chat with them this time. We knew it.

But, I brought so many presents for 2 PM and Miss A from Indonesian hottests. I really wanted to give the present personally. So I asked one of the KTO staff, if its possible for me to do that.
He didn't promise me anything, but he said that he will do his best, so that we can go backstage .

And in the last minute, he said....WE CAN GO BACKSTAGE so I can personally give my present to them!! *Thank you so much Oppa!!*

So we went backstage!!!!

They were so nice and friendly. Especially JunK, Min and Woo because we were in the same tour before. I remember, when we asked them for some pictures, there were crew/security behind us made the X signal with their hand gestures, it means that...NO Picture!! I saw them did that!!! Actually the last time we met them on our previous tour, we are not allowed to bring personal camera. All the pictures should be from the professional photographer...

But you know what?
They were so nice to us, and pretend that they didnt see the X signal...hihihi..and  told us to just take a picture together...

And for all the Indonesian Hottest that gave the present to 2 PM, Mission Accomplished!!!
I gave all of your presents directly to them!!!
I remember Woo's surprise expression, and he said thank you for the presents :)
Here are our Backstage pictures!!!

Baiklah, ini sebenernya adalah moment paling berkesan dalam event tersebut lho!!!
Yang sebenernya terjadi adalah, 2 PM dan Miss A hanya bertugas untuk memberikan Awards kepada kitam kemudian perform. Udah itu doang...

Gak seperti tour sebelumnya, kita gak dikasih kesempatan untuk ngobrol ngobrol ama mereka kali inih.

Tapi gue bawa banyak banget titipan hadiah dari Indonesian Hottest untuk mereka. Dan gue pengen memberikan hadiah tersebut secara langsung kepada mereka. Namanya juga amanat :)
Jadi gue minta tolong kepada salah satu staff KTO, kira kira bisa gak gue melakukan hal tersebut?

Dia sih gak berani janji, tapi janji bakalan berusaha...
Dan di menit menit terakhir, dia bilang...kita BISA KE BACKSTAGE, supaya gue bisa kasih hadiah tersebut secara langsung kepada mereka.*jeongmal gomawo Oppa*

Akhirnya kita berhasil masuk backstage!!!
Mereka sangat baik dan ramah, terutama JunK, Woo dan Min, karena sebelumnya kita udah tour bareng. Gue ingat, ketika kita minta poto bareng dengan mereka ada beberapa orang security/crew yang membuat tanda X dengan isyarat tangan mereka di belakang kita. Mungkin maksudnya kita gak boleh poto bareng kali yah. Karena terakhir ketemu mereka kita juga sebenernya gak diperbolehkan bawa personal camera...
Semua poto yang beredar harus dari Photographer Profesional. Ketat banget lah pokoknya mah...

Tapi ternyatata apa yang terjadi??
Mereka sangat baik ama kita, dan kayaknya pura pura gak lihat isyarat ituh...hihihi...padahal gak mungkin lah gak lihat...orang gue aja lihat....
Mereka mengijinkan kita buat poto bareng di backstage...whoaaaa...baik sekaliiiii...

Dan buat semua Indonesian Hottest yang telah menitipkan hadiahnya ke gue. Mission Accomplished yah!!!
Gue berhasil memberikan seluruh titipan hadiah kalian, langsung kepada mereka!!
Gue ingat ekspresi Woo yang kelihatan kaget karena dapet hadiah itu, dan ngucapin makasih juga :)

Berikut inih Photo backstage nya yah!!

The Awards Ceremony finally ended...
We went to dinner with the Gangnam Tour Members, and of course with Ricky Kim...

After that, we went to the Noraebang *karaoke* and had some fun!!!
That was one of the perfect day of my life :)

Awards Ceremony berakhir juga...

Kita makan malam barengan dengan Gangnam Team Member, dan bareng Ricky Kim jugaaaaa...
Sesudah ituh, kita pergi ke Noraebang *karaoke* dan having FUN!!!!

That was the perfect day!!!

Thank you message for our voters!!!

When I won the blogging contest and went to korea for the first time, I thought it was my once in a life time experience...
But I am lucky enough, because I had my second amazing experience to go to Korea again, because all of you guys!!!

So, once again....
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say, thank you again to all of our voters!!

As my thank you present, to all Indonesian Blogger, you can participate in the contest that will be hold in my personal blog...

And for Indonesian Hottests, I have 6 photos, completed with the handwriting message and signature of  all 2 PM members. I will make a quiz in this blog, and 6 lucky hottests will receive special present from me...
6 Photos Hottests! Junho, Taecyon, JunK, Nickhun, Chansung, and Woo!!!!

I uploaded Junho's picture for the preview :)

Maybe next week guys!! You can follow me in my twitter @ebibitititeliti
I am lucky enough to go to Korea twice...just like a miracle....
Let's just wait for my third miracle...hihihi...
They said...third time is a charm...hihihi...

Just like what Kang Tae Joon said in the Korean Drama "To the Beautiful You"...I quote...
Miracle is another name for hard effort!!!

That is so true!!!
Lets work hard to go to Korea again :)

My Special Present for Indonesian Hottest! Message from Junho!!

Thank you message for our voters!!!

Ketika gue berhasil menang Touch Korea Tour Blogging Contest dan berhasil pergi ke Korea untuk pertama kali, gue merasa hal itu adalah suatu pengalaman yang hanya bisa kejadian sekali seumur hidup...once in a life time experience...

Tapi ternyata, gue cukup beruntung karena bisa berhasil pergi ke Korea untuk kedua kalinya, berkat dukungan dari teman teman semua!!!

Jadi sekali lagi,
Dari lubuk hati gue yang terdalam, gue ucapkan terima kasih banyak kepada semua yang telah nge vote FUN Tour!!!

Sebagai hadiah terima kasih gue, kepada Indonesian Blogger, gue bakalan bikin kontes kecil kecilan di blog pribadi gue, tongkrongin terus deh pokoknya yah :)

Dan untuk Indonesian Hottest, gue punya 6 foto dilengkapi dengan tulisan tangan dan tanda tangan dari semua personil 2 PM. Gue akan bikin quiz kecil kecilan, dan 6 Hottest yang beruntung akan mendapat hadiah special dari gue...
Ada 6 Photo lho Hottest!! Junho, Taecyon, JunK, Nickhun, Chansung, and Woo!!!!

Gue upload Photo nya Junho dulu buat sekedar preview yah.. 

Kayaknya sih minggu depan aja kali yah...Boleh follow twitter gue juga di @ebibittititeliti

Jadi ceritanya...gue berhasil pergi ke Korea 2 kali...udah kayak keajaiban ajah...
Marilah kita tunggu keajaiban yang ketiga yah...hihihi...

Tapi, seperti yang dikatakan oleh Kang Tae Joon dalam drama Korea "To the Beautiful You"
Keajaiban itu sebenernya adalah nama lain dari kerja keras!!!

Itu bener banget!!!
Marilah kita bekerja keras supaya bisa pergi ke Korea lagih...hihihi...

PS : Thank you so much for Elizabeth for allowing me to use her great pictures and video :)

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  1. Suka sekali dengan quote nya "Keajaiban itu sebenernya adalah nama lain dari kerja keras!!!"

    Ngga akan ada keajaiban ini jika bibi ngga berusaha keras, ya kan bi. Salut... aku belajar banyak dari bibi tentang hal inih :)

    Kutunggu kuisnya ya, jangan yg susah2 ya bi hihihi

    1. Makasih banyak yah Rahmiiiii :)

      Dan aku merasakan banget kebenaran dari kata kata ituh :)

      Dikau mah ntar ikutan kontes yang di personal blog ajah lah...

      Kuiz disini mah buat Hottest bok..
      Emang Rahmi penggemar 2 PM juga gituh??...hihihi...

    2. ooh gitu ya bi.. oke aku tunggu kontes yang buat blogger, jangankan penggemar kalo ngga karena bibi aku ngga tahu 2pm ituh sejenis apa hihihi

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    4. wahhhhhhh keren..
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      nggak tau apaan tuh PM
      tapi pengnen gratisannya :D

  2. keren abis ry!!!
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    btw kenapa lu gak ikutan perform dance??? harusnya ikutan dongggg... hahahaha

  3. pas aku baca "6 Photos Hottests! Junho, Taecyon, JunK, Nickhun, Chansung, and Woo!!!!" huaa, mauuu! tapi kemudian aku mikir lagi, 6? bukannya yang ikut touch korea tour cuma 5 ya? 6?! ada nichkhun?! seriusan mbak? demi apa?! huaaa, mau yang nichkhun! please yang nichkhun kasih ke aku ajaaa :(( *siapa gue -_-*
    by the way, minggu depan kuisnya hari apa? jam berapa? *siap-siap nandain kalender*

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    beruntung sekali dirimu bi...seneng bgt bacanya, walopun aku bukan fans 2PM or MissA

  6. Waaaa,,,iriiiiii >_<
    dirimu sungguh beruntung mba erry,,tularin dikit doong hokinya,,hehehe
    itu anak yg di video gangnam style kan,,unyu-unyu bgt dech! yg disebelahnya jugaaaa ;-D
    Aku akan stay tune disini,,menanti kontesnya,,xixixi,,hadiahnya ke korea kah? *maunyaaaaaaa

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  8. huaahh keren banget bibi 2 kali keberuntungan terus berpayung kepada dirimu bibi, semoga keberuntngannya menular ke aku :D

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    ditunggu GAnya!! :D

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    Sekali lagi, selamat ya say... bangga padamu!

  15. Mb"Erry... ternyata komplit tenan ya ceritanya tentang moment penerimaan hadiah itu.... seru bangat lihat foto-fotonya Mba... ada Red carpetnya juga... waaah benar-benar seleb Mb"Erry ini... KEREN :)

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  41. wahh beruntung bgt teh erry.. smga suatu saat nanti aku bisa ya kek teh erry. hihihi

  42. Teh Erryyyy aku nangis baca ini coba hahahaha. Efek kebanyakan nonton drama jadi hidupnya juga penuh drama. Baca gini doang aku nangis, Teh. Tapi beneran. Bahagia banget hasil kerja kerasnya terbayar. Bisa foto sama 2PM, ngobrol sama membernya. Ah Wooyoung, aku ngidolain dia banget dibanding member 2PM lainnya. YaAllah semoga aku dapet kesempatan juga ke Korea ketemu bias :))))

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