Rabu, 23 November 2016

To Be Social Media Influencer for Global Wow Korea 2016, Yes I am Ready!

 So, this morning I just did my daily routine as usual, prepared everything for my husband and kids.

And after they went to school and office, I did my 'me time' : stalking all the social media account of my favorite Kdrama actors. Yes, I always start my morning with productive activity haha. 

When I was busy stalking the timeline, all of the sudden  I saw this :

Okay,  Global Wow Korea is currently looking for a social media influencer, it means that they will invite you to Korea this December so that you can share your experience through your social media.


Yes, I am so confident to be a social media influencer for Korea, because... I already did! All of my social media mostly about Korea. 


As a Kdramalover, every time I watch a drama I cant help my self to publish a picture about it. Usually I captured all of my favorite scenes in a drama, then I wrote funny caption about it and posted in my instagram

So basically my instagram feed is full of the pictures of my favorite actors that play in the drama. How about my own pictures? Well, maybe only 10% of it.

Posting the pictures of my favorite oppa is more important than posting my own picture haha.

Facebook & Tweeter

I did the same thing in my facebook. Every time my favorite actor is in the drama, I will be super excited and cant stop talking about it with my friends. Babbling.

How about in tweeter?

Okay, first thing you DONT wanna be my follower in tweeter if you are NOT a Kdramalover, because I can be super annoying haha.

Every time I watch a drama, I just have to tweet. I have to! It's a must!

Especially when my favorite drama is over, and there's a huge hole in my heart and suddenly my life feel so empty, I will be keep spamming and tweeting dramatically in tweeter. Yes, I did.

Youtube Chanel

Last but not least is my youtube chanel which is sincerely dedicated for Korean Drama.

Actually I just started to vlog, so youtube is my new thing. but I am already having so much fun in making the video and i did some crazy and random stuff in my video.

So please also watch my video about : Global Wow Korea 2016


I am also a blogger and  love to write about Korean drama. Being a Kdramalover is actually a part of my personal branding as a blogger. 

So, here's some pictures about my achievements as a blogger.

Buzz Korea Awards 2012

Wow Korea Supporter 2013
Articles in Newspaper about Korean drama
About Social Media

In my theory, as a Kdramalover we literally live in a social media because that's how we got into the Kdrama or Kpop mostly. Through social media we can connect and share how we feel.

I've got so many new friends in social media just because I love to watch Korean drama. Even though I've never met them before, but strangely we feel emotionally close, just because we watch the same drama.

Through Korean drama, not only we can learn about the culture, tradition, fashion or food, but believe it or not we can also learn about the history! That's the power of Korean drama.

Dream Come True
Actually I've been to Korea in summer and autumn, but unfortunately I've never been to Korea in the winter.

As a kdramalover, i watched so many drama's that include snow in their romantic scenes. I can feel that there's something magical about the snow in Korea and I really want to feel it.

So, to be in Korea at the winter will be a dream come true for me.


Senin, 09 Desember 2013

Third Round Dinner in Korea

Kalo para orang bule memiliki kebiasaan makan malam 3 babak yang terdiri dari appetizer, main course dan dessert, nah orang Korea ini punya tradisi lain yang biasa disebut Third Round Dinner gitu deh…

Buat para pecinta drama Korea, mungkin udah pada tau tentang kebiasaan makan malem 3 ronde nya para orang Korea ini ya. Karena biasanya sih sering terdapat kejadian –romantis-yang-pura-puranya-gak sengaja- lah dalam third round dinner inih…hihihi…

*adegan mabok soju dan kemudian tiba tiba mengungkapkan rasa cinta itu lhooo*

Dan gue cukup beruntung karena sempat mengalaminya sendiri ketika gue berkunjung ke 2 kalinya ke Korea dalam rangka menghadiri Buzz Korea Awards.

Pada saat itu kami janjian untuk dinner bareng dengan para camera crew yang telah setia menemani kami selama  menjalani Touch Korea Tour *kunjungan Korea gue  yang pertama*

Sabtu, 22 Desember 2012

Our Precious Moment with 2 PM and Miss A - Buzz Korea Awards 2012

Hi guys!!

Its been....ehm....forever since I updated this blog...hahaha..

Okay, just a quick update!
FUN Tour Team had sucessfully won the voting online!!! *thanks to our awesome voters*
So, we were invited to come to Korea again, to attend the Buzz Korea Awards 2012!!!
We also had the opportunity to meet all the members of 2 PM and Miss A!!!
And we were given Korea Pass 5 million won or 4000 USD...
*I felt so lucky*

Thanks again voters!!!

Duh, kayaknya udah berabad abad lamanya yah kagak gue apdet blog gue yang inih...maap...
Quick update aja deh yah!!

FUN Tour Team akhirnya berhasil menang dalam voting Online!!! *makasih banyak buat para voter kita yang keren abis!!*
Akhirnya kita pun diundang kembali untuk datang ke Korea dan menghadiri Buzz Korea Awards 2012!!!
Kita pun berkesempatan untuk ketemu semua member 2 PM dan Miss A!!
Dan yang gak kalah keren kita juga dikasih hadiah berupa Korea Pass senilai 5 juta won atau 4000 USD...

Gue ucapkan makasih banyak yah untuk semua yang udah vote FUN Tour!!!

Selasa, 25 September 2012

The unimportant things about FUN team - Touch Korea Tour

Just like the title, this is definitely the tiny little unimportant things about our fun team. I really need to write this, just because I miss them all so much!

Seperti judulnya, postingan inih memang berisi tentang berbagai hal remeh temeh dan gak penting tentang Fun Team. Gue berasa perlu banget nulis tentang ini, karena lagi kangen banget ama mereka!

About our language barrier!
There are 6 different persons, from 6 different countries. We are lucky enough that we all can speak English, even though for some of us, English is not our first language, but we communicate well! And we also had pretty Laney as our interpreter! Korean – English!
However, we also face our language barrier…

Tentang keterbatasan Bahasa kita!
Kita adalah 6 orang dari 6 negara yang bebeda. Kita lumayan beruntung lah, karena semuanya bisa ngomong bahasa Inggris, walopun untuk sebagian dari kita, Inggris bukanlah bahasa ibu kita. Tapi komunikasi kita masih lancar kok! Dan masih ada Laney yang bertindak sebagai interpreter dari bahasa Korea ke Inggris.
Tapi tetep aja kita menghadapi yang namanya language barrier!

Senin, 10 September 2012

Third day Part 4 - Lets go green with sense of humour in Jeju Island!

Okay, let’s continue our story here…We arrived at Jeju Island!
After finishing our awesome but horrifying zipline mission, we get ready to do another tour. Green Tea Field Tour!
Green everywhere! Refreshing air! Cool!
We were riding a cool golf car to go around the green tea field, and Ricky acted like a professional Tour Guide.
Just let the pictures tell the story…

Okay, Mari kita lanjutin lagih cerita nya yah…Kita udah nyampek di Jeju Island!
Setelah selesai menjalankan misi yang keren abis tapi juga serem abis, yaituh Zipline Mission, kita udah siap untuk menjalankan aktifitas selanjutnya. Yaitu keliling keliling di kebun teh!
Pokoknya sejauh mata memandang…ijo! Dan udaranya seger banget!
Kita naik kayak semacem, golf car gituh buat muter muter Kebon teh nya, buset dah, berasa turis banget *eh, emang kan yah?*, Dan disonoh Ricky bergaya bak layaknya seorang Tour Guide Proffesional!
Biar gambar gambarnya aja yang cerita deh yah!

Kamis, 06 September 2012

Third day part 3 - Memorizing 10 words while flying at Daheeyeon Jeju Island!

It’s been a while since I updated my blog!
How’s your holiday? Mine was great, but I kinda broke right now…hahaha…
* I can't even afford to buy concert ticket for SMtown!*

Firstly, I would like to say Happy Eid Mubarak for all the Muslim!
And, I just want to tell you guys that Ricky also posted Selamat Hari Raya message in my facebook timeline,…I am so happy because I know that he is a very busy celebrity! * I am his stalker…hihihi..*

Udah lumayan lama juga gue gak apdet yah!

Gimana liburannya? Asyik gak? Gue sih lumayan lah, tapi jadi rada bangkrut gitu deh…hihihi…
*buat beli tiket konser nya SM town ajah gue kagak sanggup!*

Gue juga mau ngucapin Selamat Lebaran  buat semua umat Muslim yah! Mohon maap lahir batin!

Dan gue juga mau ngasih tau ama lo semua, kalo Ricky juga ngucapin Selamat Lebaran lewat fesbuk gue lhoooo….ngerasa seneng banget karena gue tau banget kalo dia ituh sibuk banget! *gue kan stalker nya dia…hihihi…*

Selasa, 07 Agustus 2012

Third Day Part 2 : Facing your Fear at Alpensia Resort - Ahjussy VS Oppa!

After we did the opening shoot at Pyeongchang Jumping Ski, we went to the Alpensia Resort!
Alpensia Resort is a Ski resort and tourist attraction. Alpensia has 6 slopes for skiing and snowboarding. However, it was early summer, so there was no snow. But the good thing is, we could see something else, which is sooo beautiful…FLOWERS!!!

Amazing View!!
Alpensia Resort!!
FLOWERS Everywhere!